Hi, I'm Giovanni

As a tinkerer at heart I guess I had to come in contact with programming at some point and now I write software fulltime.

Things I am working on


Plattform for custom inhouse AI tools focussed on conversion optimization in e-commerce.


Supercharger invoice management with automatic background sync to accounting tools.


A web based RSS reader aimed at reducing distractions and focusing on the content.


Preprinted QR code stickers you can activate and edit whenever you want with an app.

Things I worked on

Solyd (archived)

A team communication tool which helps teams to collaborate & socialize instantly via drop-in voice rooms.

Noted Labs (archived)

A tool to support individuals in creating better messages by making use of proper formatting and flow of the message.

UpHike (archived)

An app that rewards people for collecting trash while they hike through nature.